Who We Are

Danville Speech and Hearing Center is a nonprofit United Way partner agency that has been providing Speech-Language Pathology services to individuals of all ages throughout the Dan River Region since 1961.

Our clinical staff are state licensed and nationally certified in their fields of expertise. The center supports the clinical staff in meeting continuing education requirements for maintaining certification and identifying recent developments in their fields.

Good communication skills are vital to success throughout life. Danville Speech and Hearing Center takes great pride in serving the communication needs of anyone with a disorder, including those whom may not otherwise be able to afford these essential services.

Who We Serve

We serve residents of Danville, Pittsylvania County, Halifax County, Martinsville, Henry county and Caswell County of any age who need speech-language pathology services including screening, evaluation and treatment of speech sound disorders, voice disorders, language disorders, stuttering, swallowing problems, memory impairments and aphasia (language disorder resulting from a stroke or traumatic brain injury).

Children of all ages experience communication disorders including speech sound disorders, language delays, stuttering and voice disorders. Some are due to autism, hearing loss, chronic ear infections or developmental delays, but for many the cause is unknown. In recent years, the center has seen a growing number of clients in their 30s, 40s and 50s needing services due to strokes and neurological diseases including ALS and Parkinson’s Disease.

Clients are referred to Danville Speech and Hearing Center by physicians, area hospitals, home health agencies, nursing homes, the Infant & Toddler Connection Program of Danville-Pittsylvania, the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Disability Determination Services, the Veterans Administration, local schools and self-referrals.

What We Offer

Clients Served
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Communication and/or hearing screenings are brief tools that may be used to determine if a comprehensive speech-language evaluation or hearing evaluation is needed.



A comprehensive assessment of the communication area(s) of concern (such as language, articulation, fluency, cognition or swallowing) is conducted by a licensed speech-language pathologist.



A certified speech-language pathologist works directly with the client during therapy to address long and short-term goals that have been developed to address the client’s specific needs.


These employees were absolutely wonderful to me. They listened to my sob stories, wiped my tears away and told me that I would be able to do these things again, the very things most people take for granted. I cannot speak loud enough to tell you that their services help so many people. The staff goes beyond their call with their patients. They are patient, give of their personal time, and truly care for their patients.
In the early years of attending elementary school, I was diagnosed with a severe speech impediment. I was recommended to receive services within the school; however, I was terrified of the speech therapist provided within the school system. Danville Speech and Hearing Center was there to provide the needed services. The individuals were very easy to work with and made the experience seamless. Today, I can speak in front of multiple individuals and groups with confidence. I was fortunate to overcome this challenge thanks to Danville Speech and Hearing Center.
When we felt helpless and didn't know how to help our child who stuttered, we turned to Danville Speech and Hearing Center. It was such a comfort to have a local, caring organization to help us navigate this disorder that we knew very little about, just like they have helped countless other families. It is our hope that Danville Speech and Hearing will have the resources needed to continue aiding local families and help individuals channel their struggles into positive outcomes that benefit our community.
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DSHC is an equal opportunity employer.